Haworth Earns Top Honors at the NeoCon Furniture Awards

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Based in Holland, Michigan, Haworth, Inc. furniture company has been making quality office furniture since the company’s founding in 1948. Since that time, Haworth has grown into the global marketplace with 600 dealers selling their products all over the world. This is a great business success by anyone’s measure, but what has helped get them there is the quality of their products and the innovation of their designs.

With 20 factories, Haworth certainly has the production side nailed down, but they’ve also experienced a high level of success in the recognition of their designs, including recent awards at the NeoCon Furniture Awards. The awards were bestowed on Haworth, and other deserving companies, during the first day of the NeoCon trade show held at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The company’s “The Openest Collection” by Studio Urquiola was given the highest honor with the Best of Competition as well as being awarded a Gold in the Collaborative Collection category. Other awards for Haworth this year included a Gold in the Case Goods category and a Silver in the Architectural Products category.

This is not the first time Haworth has received recognition by the industry. At the show the previous year, Haworth also won the Best of Competition award. The NeoCon expo and conference is attended by over 40,000 professionals from the design and architectural world, so these honors are certainly a notable achievement.

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Meeting the Need for Better Workstations for Business Travellers

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If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of trying to get some last minute work done in an airport terminal waiting area, then you know that it is something that is not so easily accomplished. Even though many businesspeople actually enjoy working remotely and feel that they can be equally, if not more productive, it still requires a certain amount of organizational skills. Sometimes it can literally be a balancing act, like when you have to keep both a laptop and smart phone on your knees at the same time.

Most coffee shops are set up so that people can create small work areas within them. Many even have charging stations to power up phones, laptops and other electronic devices essential to modern day business. Many airports are following the lead of coffee shops and providing small work surfaces with access to electrical outlets and with free WiFi available. It makes perfect sense then that hotels would want to do the same. After all, many of their guests are on business trips and working in a hotel room is not the optimal workspace in most cases.

Recently, in an effort to deal with this increased need to accommodate business travelers on the go, Marriot Hotels joined forces with Steelcase to create what they call the Workspring Marriot. This work station has already been employed by the Marriot Town Center outside of Seattle in Washington State. This could be just the beginning of the next big thing in business travel. For most of us, it can’t come soon enough.

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Give Your Reception Area a Modern Look

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It’s important to give a good impression in business. You always want to show your best side to the public. When a client or a potential customer enters your office, their first impression will be of the reception or guest waiting area. Organization and cleanliness should be presented as well as a sense of welcoming. Unless you are purposely aiming for a vintage or retro look, you may want to upgrade your current reception area with a more modern style. Adding modern or timeless touches to the front office area doesn’t have to be a very involved project and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either. It is, however, a sound investment and one you should not neglect to take care of.

The front desk you choose should be something that should remain uncluttered, it should be bold and instill a sense of confidence in clients of businesses or patients of dental or medical offices. If you decide to go for a contemporary look, make sure the front desk matches the other furniture you choose. If you do decide for a more retro look, it is equally important to make sure you maintain a theme so as to create a seamless sense of cohesion.

Colors are important. The colors of the floor coverings, the walls and the upholstery of any furniture should be in line with the principles you wish to project and should tie into what type of business you are in. Neutral colors are probably best in most cases, but bright colors may be more appropriate depending on the image your company wishes to convey. If you have a company logo that will be on display in the office, try to coordinate the decor with any colors or prominent styles present in your logo or other branding.

Other things to consider may include artwork like paintings or photographic prints. Flowers are good accessories as well. There are many options for creating a modern guest waiting area, it just requires some imagination and a little planning to create a welcoming and comfortable environment.

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The Tuff Edge Mobile Office Workstation is Functional and Versatile

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From cafeteria tables to highly functional office workstations, Cape Contract Furniture has been creating durable and useful office furniture since 1998. Their products are used around the world and the Tuff Edge Mobile Office Workstation is certainly no exception.

This mobile workstation comes in both standard and custom sizes which gives businesses more available options for building out a workstation, or several, to suit the specific needs of their company. You can purchase different station clusters and group them together or use them separately. A cluster of four 90 degree stations can create a comfortable enough work station to accommodate four people for training, parts assembly, data entry, you name it. Alternately, a cluster of three 120 degree tables can be fitted together to create a 3-person station for whatever purpose is needed.

Each freestanding table structure can be secured to another and privacy panels can also be inserted to create more of a cubicle type of work station. Versatility is the name of the game here. The tables can be separated and used in other configurations or they can be kept separate and used in different parts of an office building, warehouse or other large open area to create temporary work spaces. The standard specs for an individual table is 72 inches in diameter up to 84 inches. You also have options in accessories for storing mobile devices or other electronics, or for running power cords through the center of a combined set of clusters. The table clusters are on wheels too, so they can be moved easily from one part of the office to the next. They can even be rolled into a storage area when not in use which makes them a great accessory to have on hand during busier times of the year.

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A Look at the Shocking Decor of Google’s Israel Office

Google’s amazing office located in Electra Tower of Tel Aviv, Israel was designed in partnership by Camenzind Evolution, Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal. The massive office takes up eight floors of the tower and boasts and incredible view of the city in all directions. And as if that doesn’t already create a great sense of openness, the interior also has an open design and lots of uniquely-furnished spaces to prevent any office blandness from creeping in.
Open Team Space

Each space is designed not only to be aesthetically-pleasing, but also with its purpose in mind. Personal work spaces maintain privacy and to help people focus while collaborative areas are built to help support the exchange and evolution of ideas. There are several meeting rooms scattered throughout the building, each with its own look. There are three different restaurants, as well, each with it’s own theme and a menu catering to different dietary needs–kosher, kosher vegetarian and non-kosher. Google employees can stay in shape without leaving the building with a trip to the office gym. One entire floor has even been reserved for “Campus Tel Aviv,” a space run by Google to serve as a hub for start-ups, entrepreneurs and developers, giving Tel Aviv one of only two Google campus spaces in the entire world.

Open Meeting Space

One of the many things that makes this office space really special is the role that the actual employees had in making it happen. Each of the floors Google occupies has a locally-inspired theme selected by the local Google team, resulting in a combination of designs that reflect and celebrate the diversity of Israel. And that’s not all. Google’s Tel Aviv office was built with sustainability in mind, and is on track to receive the first Platinum LEED certification in Israel. All-in-all, it’s a model office space in more ways than one.

Eco-Friendly Brands of Office Furniture

More and more of the world is making the shift toward opting for more eco-friendly solutions whenever possible, and office spaces are no exception. Eco-friendly office furniture is the perfect place for any company to start doing its part in regards to environmental preservation. The making of the tables, desks, chairs and other furniture used throughout office spaces not only demand natural resources, but can also potential release toxins into the environment. Fortunately, there are a number of eco-friendly office furniture manufacturers that are starting to change that.

Herman Miller Aeron

Among the most well known of eco-friendly furniture brands are Herman Miller and Steelcase. Herman Miller’s award-winning designs are sustainable, eco-friendly, attractive and functional. They make several sought after MBDC-certified chairs such as the Celle, Cetu and, of course, their famous Aeron. Herman Miller furniture is highly-recyclable, creates minimal waste and is delivered using minimal packaging. In addition to their chairs, their Intent furniture line, which features workstations, is currently being inspected for certification. The products in Steelcase’s well-known Think chair line–including the Leap, Siento and Amia–are also MBDC-certified, 99% recyclable and made of 44% recycled materials. They also make great environmentally-friendly desks which are certified for sustainability and air quality.

Steelcase Walden

Other great brands making attractive, eco-friendly office furniture include Hayworth, Allsteel, Kielhauer, Orangebox, Knoll and Legaré. When looking for office furniture, buying direct or visiting sites like EcoWork, Eco-Furniture and Vivali are great places to start. Searching online merchants for BIFMA, SCS and MBDC-certified office furniture is a great way to find out about new sources and brands.

Multi-Use Tables: Lightweight, Easy, and Affordable

Whether in the office, in a reception area, setting up an event or a temporary collaborative space, tables are needed to create a suitable space for working and exchanging ideas. Multi-use tables are a great multipurpose solution. The large selection of more than 900 multi-use tables available from OfficeSight are convenient and available in a huge selection of styles, dimensions and colors, providing plenty of options for any use or space.

Flash Furniture Glass End Table

Items such as the Flash Furniture Plastic Folding table are great for events or for adding additional tables to spaces temporarily. It’s durable, easy-to-set up, lightweight and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Flash Furniture Adjustable Mobile Laptop Computer Table features an attractive mahogany top, has both height and angle adjustment, and is great for office spaces as well as home or educational use. The Lorell Banquet Table is great for indoor or outdoor use and can support up to 250 pounds. The Office Star Yield End Table features a striking chrome frame and black glass top, making it a great addition to the modern office space. Each of these great options is available for well under $100, and the full selection of multi-use tables available from OfficeSight are available for as low as $17.29 with prices to fit every budget.

Flash Furniture Adjustable Mobile Laptop Computer Table

Designed with ease and versatility in mind, lightweight, affordable multi-use tables are a great go-to option for both furnishing office spaces with tables that can be used in a number of ways in a number of environments.

Maximizing Office Space with Our Layout Services

You already know OfficeSight as a great resource for office furniture, but that’s not where OfficeSight’s expertise ends. In a time where aesthetic appeal, ergonomics, efficiency and function are all of the utmost importance, OfficeSight’s free space layout services are available to help you redesign your existing space or design a completely new one with a focus on the efficient usage of available space.


Maximizing office space provides you with several options when it comes to the development of the desired layout. You’ll have the option to include more in the office, choose from a wider range of furnishings or create more open spaces within the office. Regardless of your goal, a well-planned layout is the key to making sure you get the most out of your office space.


OfficeSight’s space layout service will provide you with the layout for cubicle workstations within an office space optimized for efficiency, smooth workflow, privacy and collaboration. 2D and 3D CAD layouts will be provided, allowing you to truly visualize what the space will look like and to provide feedback and contributions to the development of the space. Once the layout is complete and furniture selections have been made, choose from a selection of available fabric, wood and finishes to customize the look of your office interior. OfficeSight remains dedicated to working closely with you throughout the entire process to address all of your concerns and needs. And by providing this service to you at no extra cost, you can rest assured that you’re getting the absolute best value we have to offer.

Contract Furniture by Arcadia

Contract furniture is a term to describe furniture designed and manufactured for commercial installation, as in offices, waiting rooms, or lobbies. Customers of this type include corporate office, educational institutions, healthcare, hospitality, government and sports facilities. Equipment that encompass these contracts are built to be used very frequently in its lifetime, come with a guaranteed warranty, and are created with high quality standards in mind.

Arcadia Lobby

Not only is contract furniture created for lifetime durability, it must meet certain health and safety standards. It can come in a variety of colors and designs to best fit the business needs. Contract furniture is a requirement for all commercial entities to use due to a fire regulation standard set on materials used in public businesses. Regulation Crib 5 labels fabric and upholstery products as fire retardant and must be used in contract furniture and the customers. Arcadia Contract provides optimum designs, sustainable policies, and is a leading supplier of table and seating options for contract furniture markets. A selection of products can be viewed here.

Arcadia Conference

Options of custom design, patterns and color, and superior fabrics makes Arcadia Contract a prominent supplier in the contract furniture industry.

Seating by Fine Mod Imports Delivers Comfort & Style

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If you are currently in the process of redecorating the living or dining areas of your home, or any space in your house, or you plan to do so in the future, you have many options. A great choice for both furniture and lighting for your home, however, is pieces by Fine Mod Imports. Their designs are modern, of course, and will look fantastic in any home.

Fine Mod Imports offers a vast array of furniture pieces from bar and counter stools to benches and coffee tables. They also have a selection of end chairs, ottomans and daybeds. “Design for life” is their tag line, so you can find any piece that you might need to add comfort and style to your everyday home life.

In addition to great looking furniture, Fine Mod Imports also carries a variety of lighting from table lamps to hanging chandeliers. The on-line retail outlet, Office Sight, carries many of these stylish seating pieces and you can find some really good deals on Fine Mod Imports products by visiting their website. Office Sight even offers free layout and design ideas in case you need a little help with your home redecorating, although that may take away some of the fun.
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